RE Update for Sunday 11/6/22

Greetings all,

Circle RE will be at UCMH this Sunday (80 Main St., Hudson), exploring our month’s theme of change.  UCMH is having a slightly different style of worship service this week – if you’d like to know what they’ll be up to if you come by for RE, you can find a worship write-up here:

We are in full Silverthorn (UU Magic School) mode for RE!  Woo-hoo!  We have school hats and cloaks for everyone to wear, and students are welcome to bring a wand or other magical tool from home if they have one. 
This week’s magical work is to examine how the power of kindness can create great change in the world, and what we can do as magic students to make that change happen in our lives. We’re looking forward to spreading kindness on Sunday!

This Sunday’s Kindness for Change program will run again on Friday, Nov 18th at 3:30 PM at UUCSW (Westborough) to add to the town of Westborough’s Week of Kindness. If you would like to help our youth spread kindness around the world for loving change, come join us on the 18th, and/or grab one of our handouts to share with others.

We’re in our set fall rotation for RE, so next week, 11/13 we are at First Parish (40 Church St., Northboro), and the following Sunday, 11/20 we are at UUCSW (64 W. Main St.). There will be no programming over Thanksgiving weekend (11/27) – Circle RE will reconvene at UCMH on the first Sunday in Dec., 12/4

Due to the congregational meeting at UCMH following worship, our Youth Group will meet next Sunday instead of this week – location is TBD.

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