Circle RE Info for Sunday, Oct 23rd

This week, Circle RE and Youth Group will be at UUCSW (64 W. Main St., Westborough). And our magic school Silverthorn will be opening its doors for the 2022 – 23 church year! Silverthorn is a school similar to Hogwarts except that it focuses on UU magic. This week, students will explore courage by examining Harry (Potter)’s recipe for courage, and finding out how we can bring that magic into our own lives.

Youth Group will meet at 1 PM (at UUCSW) and will also explore the theme of Courage as we talk about the courage we need in an ever-shifting world, and how we develop the courage to be our true selves, no matter what.

Next week, Circle RE will join Rev. Abigail at First Parish (40 Church St., Northboro) for a special service – stay tuned for more info!

Changes to the RE Schedule

If you haven’t yet seen the announcement, Circle RE is changing slightly in an effort to simplify the schedule. RE will only happen at one church a week, and will continuously rotate between our 3 congregations on a regular schedule that will hopefully be easier for everyone to keep track of. This will significantly reduce the number of volunteer hours needed each week and allows me to simplify our classroom routine so it’s easier for volunteers to work with.

If you’d like more details on the rotation schedule, or what the curriculum plan for this year is, you can find that on our Curriculum page:

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