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The Circle RE Cooperative is a regional religious education and spiritual exploration program serving 2 Unitarian Universalist congregations in Central Massachusetts:

Unitarian Church of Marlboro and Hudson

First Parish UU Northboro

We bring our youth together Sunday mornings to learn and explore Unitarian Universalism through active, engaging, age-relevant content. Our program is designed to help youth explore and expand their ethical, social, emotional, and spiritual growth as a community that learns and grows together.

One of the additional goals of the Circle Cooperative is to get our kids learning and playing outdoors more often. To that end, we will work in permanent and semi-permanent learning spaces outdoors for some of our programming and will bring adventurous outdoor exploration into our curriculum.

Circle Sundays rotate in location between the two churches; typically we meet in Hudson on the first and third Sundays, and in Northboro on the second and fourth Sundays. There are occasionally variances, so visit our schedule to double-check when and where the Co-op will be in action!

Volunteers Needed!

We are always looking for volunteers to assist with our programming, and there is no minimum commitment! Here are ways you can get involved:

Classroom Assistant – Circle RE requires two adults, or an adult and trained teen, to be in each classroom. The Classroom Assistant is there to help the lead teacher and children as needed. No experience is necessary, training is provided.

Classroom Teacher – With multiple classrooms running each Circle Sunday, including our Spirit Play classes, additional lead teachers are needed to lead programs and activities, and implement lesson plans. Lesson plans are provided or worked on jointly with the Director – teachers are not asked to provide lessons. Classroom Teachers need to be comfortable working with youth and leading programs. Training is available for this position.

Nursery Care – Occasionally a volunteer sub is needed at one of our churches’ nurseries to fill in for one of the childcare staff. This is a fabulous opportunity to bond and play with our babies and toddlers!

Sharing a Faith Tradition – Come spend a class session sharing a practice, celebration, or ritual from your faith! We’re always excited to learn first-hand how individuals and families practice their religions.

Donation of time, resources, or skills – Want to help, but not available on Sundays, or not comfortable working in a classroom? We could always use help behind the scenes! Program space creation/decorating, replenishing supplies, social justice project assistance, and community outreach are all ways we could use your assistance.

Please contact Cynthia if you’re able to give even one Sunday of your time – we’d love to have you join us!

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