Year: 2021

flaming chalice

What is Unitarian Universalist Religious Education?

If you’re asking this question, you’re not alone. UU Religious Educators are constantly thinking about this and how it applies to themselves, their programs, participants, and congregations. Ask 20 different UU Religious Educators and you’ll get 20 different answers, however. Here’s why: A Non-Dogmatic Religion UUs have a wide variety of beliefs and practices due… Read more What is Unitarian Universalist Religious Education?

Why Collaborative RE

This regional collaboration came about from several like-minded, neighboring UU congregations whose youth programs were small enough to necessitate a one-room-schoolhouse model of education when they met independently. When the congregations come together, however, it results in a larger, more vibrant program that much better meets the needs of all youth. Now, instead of having… Read more Why Collaborative RE